Humanity is the quality of being humane. This value is associated to the kindness and supportiveness towards each individual (wether is a customer, a supplier, a partner or a colleague). Every action taken by MCS Associates staff, shall comply with the respect of each individual and their organization (including MCS Associates) considering their motivations and needs, including respect for the environment.

Reliability is the capability of maintaining performance at any circumstances. MCS Associates is focused on value to be delivered to its customers and continual improvement approach with innovations is used in all projects towards our customers to help them improve and fulfill their needs. Used related values to reliability are: steadfastness and trustworthiness.

Integrity is the basis of one’s actions on a consistent framework of principles. Everything MCS Associates does and believes is based onthe same set of core values. Integrity is directly linked to responsibility, honesty, truthfulness and justice.

Excellence is the state or quality of excelling, meaning being good to a high degree. Other forms of this value might be brilliance, distinction and quality (all of these embedded into excellence). This is a particular , and rather important value as it is a global goal to pursue. Every activity of the company (including all other values) shall contribute to the achievement of excellency to provide value to our customers.